How to grow from fear

  |   Mind Your Focus

In his article, Choosing Daring & Growth Over Fear & Delay, Robert Cooper, Ph.D. discusses how fear can be useful when you learn to guide it.  It can be a catalyst for growth as well as a means to protect you.



However, your brain’s fear center, your amygdala, has no judgement about what fear is unreasonable & what’s not.   And many times your brain wants something different than what you want.



You must be in charge of your brain’s programming or it will be in charge of you.  As Robert says, “When you let your brain run your life & work, you are guaranteed to fall short of what you are capable of becoming & achieving.”



He describes a strategy for being able to manage your brain.   The keys are awareness, action & attitude.



To learn more, read Choosing Daring & Growth over Fear & Delay