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This is the Most Essential Human Resource

  |   Mind Your Focus


“Attention is the energy we use to engage with the world”, says Jeremy Hunter, PhD, in this mindful.org article, The Essential Resource We’re All Wasting.


Our attention is our most essential resource.  It affects everything in our lives.


We create & experience life through the focus of our attention.


Managing it efficiently is one of the most important skills we can have. It affects how we manage ourselves, the quality of our relationships, our ability to focus & the quality of our work.


According to Jeremy, distractions greatly impact productivity. “Even a 2.8-second interruption can cause a doubling of mistakes. Once interrupted, it takes nearly half an hour to return to the original task.”


Multi-tasking, or splintered attention,  has proven to be ineffective, as it increases our mistakes, creates shallow learning & lessens self-control & focus.


Part of what makes focus so challenging is that our amount of attention is limited. “The human sensory system can absorb around 11 million bits of information per second, the amount we’re consciously aware of is between 40 and 120”, says Jeremy.


It would serve us all to learn how to best manage our limited attention.


Some progressive leaders are starting to dialogue about the value of attention & implement effective solutions.


To read more, please see the full article here: The Essential Resource We’re All Wasting