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I'm Katie Hotta, creator of the Mind Your Focus App.

My goal is to help you increase your awareness of your thoughts & feelings, & mindfully focus your attention.

You create & experience life through the focus of your attention.

It's how you engage with yourself & the world around you.

Being mindful is bringing your whole being into whatever you're doing.
It's paying attention to your attention.

There's also a heart to mindfulness (acceptance, compassion, presence, worthiness, etc.) that you bring into your awareness & how you choose to focus.

Your perspective, the thoughts you choose, the meaning you give your thoughts, the actions you take & your reactions are all examples of focusing your attention.

When you're aware, you can consciously choose what you focus on. When you're on auto-pilot, your brain's programmed patterns & automatic reactions are in charge.

This isn't to say that your mind shouldn't ever wander. Wandering itself isn't a bad thing. It allows for resting, creativity & inspiration.

The issue is how often your mind wanders, when it wanders & where it wanders to.

Learning how to change my thoughts, especially the meaning I give them, has been everything to me.

Hurtful thoughts used to consume me & feeling emotional pain was my normal.

That was my pattern for the first 30 years of my life.
Changing that is the hardest thing I've ever done.

I changed it by learning how to be aware of my thoughts & consciously focus my attention.

This allowed me to know that I wasn't my thoughts, not all of my thoughts were true & the meaning I give my thoughts is something I have complete control over.

Creating this pattern has transformed my life.

There are still times when I struggle with thoughts & emotions.
Some things will always be easier than others & I'm definitely a work in progress!

But feeling good is my normal now.

My idea for this app came when I was having trouble minding my focus.

I had lost myself & it was awful.

Whenever I would shift from thinking into awareness, I almost always found myself in the midst of hurtful thoughts & feelings.

I would breathe & gently remind myself that they were just thoughts & I didn't have to become overwhelmed by them.

I would do my best to redirect my attention in whatever way was best for me in that moment.

Sometimes that was just noticing what I was thinking & feeling & not judging myself for it.

In the moment of noticing, of awareness, there's a break in the power that previously unnoticed thoughts had over you.

Meditation, exercise, therapy, reading, mindfulness practices, nature & walking Raven (my dog) helped me so much during this time.

But I was still catching myself constantly thinking in hurtful ways.

Once I was aware, I was usually able to detach from my thoughts & reframe them.

I realized growing my awareness was key to a healthy relationship with my thoughts.

I wanted something to help me be aware more often than I was able to on my own.

Something to help me develop a mental habit of checking in with myself & redirecting my attention as needed.

Something that could be integrated into my current activity.

Something to help me when I couldn't mediate or do any deeper mindfulness practices.

I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I created it.

Mind Your Focus is a simple tool to train you to create a mental habit of awareness & focus.

Creating any pattern requires repetition.
Repetition is the brain's primary method of programming habits.

You create new neural pathways through "the conscious selection and direction of your thoughts, repeated often enough for your old patterns to change." Shad Helmstetter, The Power of Neuroplasticity.

But when you're mainly operating on auto pilot, it's hard to consciously choose new thoughts in order to create a new pattern.

Being reminded helps. A lot.

Mind Your Focus repeatedly reminds you.

Each reminder has a Quote that inspires you to mindfully choose your focus.

The quotes express the heart of mindfulness & introduce the science of how thoughts & emotions affect the brain & body.

It's not a magic bullet. There isn't one.
It's constant mental work. A never-ending process.

But it does get easier, & fun, the more you practice.

Mind Your Focus helps you practice.

"Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it."

-Lao Tzu

In my newsletter I'll discuss awareness, meditation, mindfulness practices, the science behind it all & my personal applications.

You'll learn why minding your focus is one of the most important things you can do.

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Professional Bio

Kathleen Marie (Katie) Hotta is the owner of Mind Your Focus, LLC. Over the last decade she has had a successful career in commercial real estate, holding positions in development, sales & leasing & asset management. She has a BA in Cultural Anthropology & a Masters in Urban Studies.

Katie has been moonlighting throughout her real estate career. Her second job has been learning how to change her thoughts & underlying beliefs about herself. Her passion for this grew to the point where she wanted to share what she has learned.

She blended her business experience with her personal passion to create the Mind Your Focus App. Katie loves the challenge of learning about the tech & personal growth industries & the opportunity to gain new skills while creating & marketing something she loves & believes in.

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