Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about the concepts related to the Mind Your Focus App - Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Meditation, Focus, Consciousness, Awareness & Attention?
You can learn about them in my email newsletter! There are so many amazing organizations, authors, teachers & many other resources & I'm happy to give you suggestions based on your specific needs. Just send me an email!

What qualifications do you have related to the subject matter of Mind Your Focus?
For ten years I've been applying everything I'm learning about this subject matter as consistently & fully as possible. I'm continually learning from the many wonderful teachers in this field. But learning information is one thing, applying it's another. And the only way to become skilled at application is to do it. I do it.

What other products/services does Mind Your Focus, LLC have?
Currently, just the app. The business will evolve to include more offerings.

Do you have a customer service phone # or just an email?
Just an email. However, if a call is needed, that can be arranged.

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